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The Women of New Orleans Walking Tour

Learn About the Legacies of the Big Easy!

Quick Details

  • Duration: Up to 2.5 hours
  • Starting Location: 1241 Decatur Street, New Orleans Louisiana 70116
Adult (ages 12+)
Child (ages 6-11)

Meet The Women of New Orleans on a Walking Tour

Men in New Orleans are often the subjects of history, but women have always influenced this incredible city equally!  Living in a swamp in the 1700s, building a life for their families, managing the land and the homes, and influencing the historic path in such a way that this amazing city would later become one of the most visited in the world for its rich history, architecture, literature, and allure. Meet the impressive ladies behind New Orleans on this one-of-a-kind walking tour.

Some of our city’s most influential women have included:

  • Native American women
  • Ursulines nuns from France
  • The aristocrat Baroness Micaela Pontalba
  • The first African American nuns, The Sisters of the Holy Family
  • Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau
  • The first Women’s Literary group Le Petit Salon
  • The “Ladies of Storyville” at the red-light district
  • Madame Delphine La Laurie
  • The Quadroon Balls
  • Authors, women of culture, and more!

We casually stroll through the French Quarter and talk about the Quadroon Balls, where hopeful women would be selected by rich Creole men and be taken away from poverty, changing family lives forever.  The women were known as Placage, or contracted mistresses. The women of New Orleans we discuss include famous females like the Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, who helped people with yellow fever through alternative medicine and prayer. Ella Brennan, the great restauranteur, who created the huge Brennans Restaurant empire. An incredible fete was won by Henriette Delille, who created the Sisters of the Holy Family, known as the first African American Nuns.

Along the route, we speak of the Women of Storyville, not necessarily the most socially accepted “ladies” but nevertheless influential in many ways at the red-light district. A woman by the name of Madame Delphine La Luarie, the infamous aristocratic Creole woman was known as a slave torturer, has many stories that regularly repeat her horrid reputation. Come enjoy an evening with a local and Licensed Professional Guide as we take you on a journey into our history and incredible past here in the Big Easy! Book this unique walking tour of New Orleans now!