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French Quarter Walking Tour

Get Out And Explore The "Center Of Town"

Quick Details

  • Start Location: 1241 Decatur Street, New Orleans Louisiana 70116
Adult (ages 12+)
Child (ages 6-11)

Walking Tour in the French Quarter

Explore New Orleans’ colorful history, culture, and architecture with a two-hour walking tour through the French Quarter’s atmospheric streets. Stroll alongside a local guide as you hear about the multicultural heritage of the Vieux Carre, and spot the distinctive architectural styles that tell the city’s stories. Learn about the slaves that found community in New Orleans, feel its pulse, and experience today’s people, culture, and life.

The French Quarter tour meets at one of our locals favorite coffee shops located right next to the New Orleans Jazz Museum and US Mint, a place where locals spend time socializing, and eventually we make our way into the POP of the city! The journey begins with a history of the settlements, from the Native Americans to the French, Spanish, and eventually, the Americans. We walk in a locals’ section of town first and talk about the amazing architecture along the way, as well as important landmarks. See Royal Street, where the art and antique stores are, the street musicians and other performers, and walk into the Old Square (Jackson Square) and talk about the amazing history that started right there! See the beautiful Saint Louis Cathedral and the buildings that frame it, such as the Cabildo and the Presbytere. We also visit the Mighty Mississippi River, the reason we exist today. Be dazzled by the brilliant colors of the beautiful architectural styles of the various cultures who settled here.

Upon finalizing your historic journey, your guide is happy to recommend places to eat, drink, and have fun as well as local insiders’ hangouts, celebrity information, and other fun tidbits for your magical vacation to continue in the Vieux Carre. Book your walking tour of the French Quarter now!